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Quality Policy

It is Hunt Development’s mission to achieve and maintain its position in its chosen market of supplying the highest quality contract manufacturing services for medical device, healthcare and general engineering customers.

Hunt Developments recognises that everyone within the company can make a positive impact on all operations and is responsible for Quality and achieving our goal of customer satisfaction.


This shall be achieved through the highest standards of product quality and customer service by:


  • Ensuring that each customer’s needs are clearly defined and understood.

  • Working with the customer to develop solutions to achieve their requirements.

  • Ensuring that all employees are appropriately trained in all aspects of their job with the understanding that Quality is Everyone’s Responsibility.

  • Supplying products that satisfy each customer’s quality and regulatory requirements, whilst underpinning the profitability of the company.

  • Monitoring customer satisfaction and ensuring that the customer’s wishes always remain the prime focus.

  • Striving to continuously improve every aspect of our business by identifying processes and setting and reviewing quality objectives.


To support this policy, Hunt Developments operates a Quality Management System (QMS) that will comply with applicable regulatory requirements. The system shall serve to communicate expectations, establish controls, and promote a culture committed to excellence in everything we do.

Quality Policy

Management will communicate the Quality Policy to everyone in the organisation. The Policy reflects the current strategy of Hunt and lays the foundations for our objectives.


Quality Policy: QPOL 1 Issue 4

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